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Wine Tasting Lisbon

Savor the essence of Lisbon through a curated wine tasting experience, featuring 3 local wines paired with a delectable cheese board at a trendy bar.
Start time
12h - 18h
Group size
Min 8 people
From: 40€/person

Sample three distinct local wines, each offering a glimpse into Lisbon’s rich viticulture

Relish a carefully assembled cheese board, enhancing your wine tasting journey

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a stylish bar known for its couvert and charcuterie selections

Enjoy a guided tasting session, uncovering the nuances of each wine and pairing

pouring red wine from the bottle into glasses

Wine tasting

Diversity, luxury and friends wine tasting at a restaurant or vineyard, smelling alcohol in a glass together. Young carefree people bonding and having fun, enjoying a wine tour at a distillery

Wine tasting

people inside a bar chilling out with a drink - friends talking and drinking in a winery - Millennials toasting at a wine tasting

Wine tasting

Happy friends having fun drinking wine at winery vineyard - Friendship concept with young people enjoying harvest time together

Wine tasting lisbon

Included in price

Wine tasting – 3 local wines

Charcuterie cheese board


A sensory journey through an experience that promises more than just a taste of Portugal’s celebrated wines. In the relaxed setting of a fashionable bar, you’ll be introduced to a trio of wines that capture the diversity and richness of the local vineyards. 

Each wine is thoughtfully selected to showcase the region’s terroir, from refreshing whites to robust reds, offering a palette of flavors that speak to both novice and seasoned wine enthusiasts alike.

The experience is elevated with a meticulously crafted cheese board, featuring a selection of fine cheeses that complement the wines.

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